Accountability in Government, Business, and Education

I have already begun an in-depth review of our budget. We also need to do this with our agencies and our ordinances to ensure our government works to support collective efforts in our community to measure and improve our outcomes in economic development and education. We need to assess whether this government needs a new form, a charter, a strong mayor form, an at-large commissioner, more districts, etc., to arrive at more representative and responsive government.


Quality of Life – Leadership Accountability

  • Examine our county budget and reduce waste
  • Stop commissioner freefall spending on themselves and their pet projects
  • Create and adhere to county master plan/ strategic plan
  • Create a task force to consider a people’s charter for county government

Quality of Life – Aging in Place for All

  • Support efforts to improve our education system to reduce our achievement gaps, improve our school ratings, and increase our education outcome metrics to assist in creating a workforce of locals and attracting new families
  • Using metrics, focus our efforts on families in need, reducing poverty, crime, homelessness, and mental health issues
  • Honor our rich culture and history by supporting our diverse neighborhoods and preserving our historical architecture
  • Supporting our military and law enforcement officers who ensure our safety
  • Support and welcome the right business to our district ensuring jobs for our future
  • Focus on and create affordable housing remedies 


Quality of Life – Environment

  • Focus on pedestrian life – implement road diets, streetlights, sidewalks, green spaces, biking lanes, roundabouts, parking garages, and public transportation
  • Focus on Clean Water in our local bodies of water
  • Support an Environmental task force to revisit pollutants and contributors to pollution in our region and begin a phase out plan
  • Reduce blighted areas by reevaluating real estate holdings and beautifying areas that provide return on investment through enhanced tourism