It is imperative to manage traffic at the beach, flooding, and polluted bays when our waterfront is our golden asset. 

We need a specific, comprehensive infrastructure plan to ensure we have adequate flooding and pollution control before allowing issues to arise that are inflamed by unbridled growth. I have already reached out to environmental experts to brainstorm actual solutions.


Our beach is facing the inevitable crisis of traffic congestion already. Taxpayers have already spent millions of dollars in studies to find the solutions. It is past time to implement them. I expect to address the beach solution considering the input of the four disparate focus groups in precinct 94 and implement a real solution in my first 100 days in office.

As growth is inevitable we need to prioritize infrastructure including waste management, walkability, road diets, streetlights, sidewalks, green spaces, biking lanes, roundabouts, parking garages, and public transportation. Creating and maintaining infrastructure and services helps keep residents safe and connected.

As county commissioner, I will prioritize strategies with private-public partnerships that support our workforce and introduce reforms to zoning code and reduce regulations that limit the markets’ ability to build small, lower-cost homes and affordable housing with adequate public transportation.


For our county to thrive, we need to retain the next generation’s workforce by creating the quality of life that ensures they can see Escambia County’s potential now and in our future.